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Advisory Council on European Affairs

Are you interested in European Affairs? Join our Advisory Council on European Affairs!

The Municipality has set up a Consultative Council on European Affairs (CCEA) whose objectives include promoting European citizenship and organising dialogue with citizens on the future of Europe. Ixelles has always been a municipality at the heart of Europe, it is home to some of the European Institutions and more than a third of its nationals are non-Belgian Europeans. We strive every day to build bridges between Europe, its Institutions and its people.

The Advisory Council on European Affairs is above all a place for sharing information. As a European, each citizen can contribute his or her personal experience and set up a network of useful information for new expatriates. Become a member of this Advisory Council and you will contribute with your experience and good will to help your fellow citizens to progress in their relations with the European institutions and to strengthen in a constructive way the links between Ixelles and Europe.

After each municipal election, the 50 members of the Advisory Council on European Affairs are renewed. From time to time, some places become vacant during the term of office. So do not hesitate to send your application if you meet the following conditions:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Enjoy civil and political rights;
  • Be a citizen of the European Union;
  • have links with the municipality through residence, occupation or any other criteria, that can usefully contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Advisory Council.

You can register by filling in the application form and send it to europe at ixelles dot brussels.

Contact: 02 515 67 37 - europe at ixelles dot brussels

Last modification: 2023-11-24 11:42:27